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Value Time. Leverage Collaboration. Increase Innovation.®

About Us

Evolve Community Network is a game-changing knowledge-based community that grows through authentic dialogue, shared experiences, and community expertise.  Evolve is purposed to holistically support various levels of our professional or personal development needs and provide insight among those who are graduates, in career transition, or entrepreneurs navigating through a new era of doing business--collectively bettering the communities that we all impact. 

Why You Should Join Us

In Evolve you have the opportunity to collaborate and learn with people from diverse disciplines, professions and life stages/transitions.  Our initiatives and topics expand collaboration for our members to also connect with industry leaders, community leaders and programs, organizations and higher education partners.  Additionally, as a member of Evolve, exclusive connections among the following partnership segments:

Jobseekers & Entrepreneurs


Small Business and Small Business Support Agencies

Chambers of Commerce

Municipal Economic Development Councils/Committees

Creative Collectives

Behavioral Health Programs and Support Centers

Transitional Programs

Workforce Programs

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining our mission to help as many people as we can leverage the ability to; 

Value Time. Leverage Collaboration. Increase Innovation.® 

 We are grateful for your participation in dialogue, shared experiences, and learned best practices with the Evolve community and team!

Your support will allow us to continue to provide and expand these resources for many multi-generational communities today, tomorrow, and in the evolving future!

Our Network Team!

Of course you want to know who's behind the keyboard in this network since we're not shy!  

Our Evolve collective is  truly a collaborative initiative of individuals who have the same passion to inform and share what is practical, tangible, and useful based on the learned experiences (good, bad, ugly, and the overcoming)  that contribute to professional and personal progress ultimately. 

And we're not new to this, just like we know you will bring great dialogue and your shared experiences no matter what level, position, or capacity you hold  as well to this collective too.   So here we go!   The credentials and disciplines of the current collective team that will support the moderation and engagement efforts  for Evolve are professionals who are: 

Certified in Human Resources

Certified in Talent Management 

Social Workers

Certified in Transition and Career Coaching

20+ years' Successful Entrepreneurs (we're talking started from scratch)

Certified in Learning & Development


School of Hard Knocks Survivors 

Feel free to send a message to the Evolve host page  for inquires on being a community contributor!  Let us know!

Share your wisdom and experiences within  the community network https://evolvenetwork.mn.co/ 

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